blogging vs vlogging

Blogging and Vlogging: Expectations vs Reality

Blogging Vs Vlogging: Expectations vs Reality

blogging vs vlogging

Blogs and Vlogs are two types of medium in which peoples express their experiences and thoughts.

The main difference between blogs vs vlog is the presentation and form of content.

a blogger is someone who writes content in a written format. it’s an act of writing a post for a blog.

A vlog is in the form of videos and audios. vlogger creates content that is in the video format.

Blogging is a platform in which anyone can displays his/her writing skills. while in vlogging, anyone can display his presentation skills.

The intention is the same in both mediums, both the mediums are used by peoples for conveying their thoughts and information but the way of presentation is different.

At present, many bloggers have become vloggers and many vloggers also have blogs.

We can see most of the blog posts contains videos and pictures now. we can see the trend of video blogging(both blogging and vlogging) .both the blogging and vlogging are concerned with generating maximum traffic for a website. a blog or a vlog is used to earn money simply.

Platforms for vlogging are youtube, Viddler, Vimeo, daily motion, and facebook. whereas, platforms for blogging are Wix, WordPress, Tumblr, and blogger.

We can make content for blogs from our minds. but in vlogging it’s not possible, we need to capture things for our vlog post.

A blogger capture contents in his/her mind. A vlogger capture contents in his/her camera…is it right…?

Challenges in blogging and vlogging


To create a good blog, you need to be a good writer. spelling and grammar mistakes will make anything you post less credible to reader. so you will need to take more to proofread your posts and correct errors. platforms like WordPress, blogger or Tumblr, etc are free, but you should have some knowledge of web design to make your blog more attractive. The most important things are you need to understand what’s your blog about and design your blog as per your need.

SEO or search engine optimization is an important skill needed for a blogger. you need to make traffic to your blog using SEO.

How much better you do SEO, makes the visibility of your website or blog to the topmost position of search results.

Along with having good SEO knowledge. you will have to keep your blog updated on a consistent or regular basis.

ones a reader likes your posts, you need to come back with better posts. if it is not like that. the reader may start to lose interest in reading your post. gradually it may affect the traffic to your blog.

“make your post attractive, and pay attention to readers”


Vlogging involves the same process of sharing information, experience, but it is done in a format of videos.

Setting up a good vlog is not very difficult if you have the right equipment and the right skill.

A vlogger need not have a great writing skill. But need to have great conversational and presentation skills. If a vlogger can holding on viewers through his skills there comes success.

To produce a high-quality vlog, an advanced video camera and professional editing software is a must.

Another disadvantage of the vlog is that it doesn’t get a chance to edit after publishing it. So we need to check, recorrect, and preview carefully before publishing.

“How much attractive your post will, that much you can attract viewers to your platform.”

Audience of vlogging and blogging

Videos are the best medium in which a person can share thoughts easily to audients. Videos are easy to share and it will get more audience.

Videos are easy to understand and no effort is needed to accept the things. It gives actual visualization to the audients about the topic in which a vlogger was covered.

In the case of a blog post, it’s difficult to get the expected reach. Blogs are mostly liked by people who have an interest in reading. And another thing is, blog posts need a special effort to read and understand what it is about.

These are the reasons which vlogging is mostly liked by people than blogging.

Cost or expenses comparison

Vlogging is more expensive than blogging because it requires equipment for making a better quality vlog. We will need one or more microphones, a good camera and a quiet and peaceful place to make some cases we need a better crew for making videos.

Blogging is less economic. A blogger only needs his/her attention, effort, and time to make posts and it must be acceptable to the audience.


Both vlogging and blogging can influence people.

The choice is yours, it’s all about your interest and ability. If you have an interest in both, you can do it together

“The present trend” 

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